The journey of SkyShare Helicopters

Welcome to the first blog from the team at SkyShare Helicopters, we are extremely excited to launch after many months of planning, preparation and dedication. I wanted to take you on a little bit of a journey on how SkyShare Helicopters come to life, I first started my helicopter license back in early 2014 at a school in Queensland, during this time I really found a passion for the aviation industry and decided that it was something I want to enjoy in my downtime, to be able to jump in helicopter and go for a fly with family and friends.

In the early stages of my license I started to figure out how the industry worked after being around some great instructors and general aviation crew, it soon came very apparent to me that if you couldn’t afford a helicopter or didn’t know someone that was willing to let you “borrow” there’s, then you simple wouldn’t be able to fly after obtaining your license as my flight school didn’t allow students to hire there machine upon completion. This for me was very disappointing for the fact that I had invest a lot of time, money and dedication into my training, yet at the end of it all, I would simply be standing out the front of hangar with know where to go and know way to fly.

I started to do some industry research to see if there was any companies throughout Australia that could help helicopter pilots connect with helicopters as I had seen a lot of light air planes available but never any helicopters, if they were it was on a commercial level only (cross hire).

Then come the idea of SkyShare Helicopters, I ran this crazy idea past one of the partners in what is SkyShare Helicopters now who is a CFI and got a pretty boring result and not the enthusiasm I was hoping to expect. So the phone call ended and life continued on with the idea fading away in my head and me still having this issue of not being able to fly upon getting my Helicopter license. I kept continuing my training and thinking now that my idea doesn’t work I guess I’m going to have to find a way to buy a helicopter but, make it sustain itself. I then went on another research mission looking at costs, ROI and what it would take for it to cover its own costs every month. I came up with an hour figure of about 8.5hrs MR per month to cover repayments, maintenance, and insurance, rego etc on a Robinson R44. I thought great 8-10 hours a month on cross hire surely can’t be hard to achieve with a school or commercial operation somewhere and even better they can supply the hangar, well lets just be honest here, no one could guarantee any amount of time a month and secondly it was surprisingly hard to actual find someone that could commercially utilize it for the time I needed to make it pay for itself.

A few weeks/months went by and I had a call back from the partner really excited saying I think your idea is amazing and could work really well as I have been getting calls several times a week from pilots asking where they can get a helicopter from to use. I then replied saying if we can find private owners of machines that sit around for months on end costing money and pitch them our idea to allow the hire of there machine under certain minima’s, then every body wins, the owner has costs covered and helicopter pilots without helicopters can finally get time in a helicopter to do what they love, fly!.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the SkyShare Helicopters company and its passion to give helicopter pilots access to machines.

So how does it work?

Simple really, you buy blocks of time in the helicopter that you require and are rated to fly i.e. 5 hours in a Robinson R44 and the best location for me is Archerfield Airport. Perfect book through the website, set your preferred date and away we go. Now, as safety in aviation goes it’s a very serious matter and SkyShare Helicopters are no exception, as part of your first purchase of hours you will conduct a check flight with a licensed grade 1 instructor just to make sure your up to speed and are safe to fly. Once passed the sky is yours, our team will have the helicopter awaiting you on the requested days, along with charts, nav aids and access to NAIPS and Ozrunways to make your journey a little safer and more enjoyable. Our team of pilots will also help you with some amazing destinations and in most cases offer local knowledge as to best approach, HLS conditions etc.

What are the minima’s?

Our main minima for insurance purposes on the Brisbane based R44 is 80 hours total time and differences check for the R44 for those that have trained in a R22 like many of use have. A Current medical certificate and all the normal CASA requirements for your license to be current and rated for that helicopter type. If you are wanting to look at learning in another machine, we have some really great companies we have partnered with to make this possible.



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