The Helicopter Concierge Experience

SkyShare Helicopters offers you not only amazing customer service but we are proud to introduce our Helicopter Concierge experience. Helicopter Concierge is an additional service we offer with all your flight requirements taken care of, from food and drink hampers to a fully fuelled helicopter ready for your amazing day in the sky. SkyShare Helicopters Concierge service will have your days adventures ready plus prepare the days food and drink supplies, plus we can even have you and your friends picked up in a limousine and escorted to your awaiting helicopter.


Luxury Transfers

Skyshare Helicopters can organise all your transport requirements including picking up friends, family and guests in 5 star style.

Drive Up and Fly

Everything is taken care for you when it comes to your ride in the sky. Including a full tank of fuel and all additional concierge requests installed before your arrival.

5 Star Hampers!

Taking someone special? Looking for that special secluded spot? Skyshare helicopters will arrange picnic and food hampers to your desired request.


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