Advantages of Helicopter Hire

After receiving your helicopter license, it is exciting to think about the possibility of being able to take off on a whim to wherever you would like to go. You may have exotic locales in mind for a romantic vacation or wish to take a family member to a new and interesting place. Unfortunately, helicopter ownership is not within most people’s budget. Helicopter hire is a desirable alternative that can have many advantages.

No Need to Purchase Aircraft Insurance

In addition to coming up with the money to purchase a helicopter, which can range in price from about $250,000 to $1.7 million, helicopter owners must continuously cover the cost of aircraft insurance premiums. Helicopter hire allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having insurance needs covered, while simply paying the price to take the helicopter out for the day. Companies like SkyShare make sure that all necessary insurance needs are met, so you don’t even have to research.

Equipment Maintenance Concerns Handled

Helicopter repair and maintenance is not something that most helicopter pilots have learned much about. Helicopter repairs can be extremely costly and can ground helicopter owners, preventing them from enjoying the trips that they have planned until they can cover the costs and make arrangements to have the work done on the aircraft. Finding a skilled mechanic to come out may also be difficult and time consuming. Helicopter hire allows you to fly, free of these concerns.

Local Charts and Navigation Provided

When you work with a helicopter hire company, you have experts that can help you locate all of the helipads in the area and give you advice about the best places to go. SkyShare provides helicopter pilots with iPad navigation and maps and charts of the local area to help make the most out of your time in the sky. Having this kind of expert knowledge and guidance can save headaches and allow you to enjoy your excursion more. This can be a major advantage over trying to figure the details out on your own.

Fuel May Be Included

Depending on the helicopter hire package that you select, a free tank of fuel may be included in the package. Helicopter pilots operating their own aircraft not only have to pay for their fuel, they also have to figure out where to fuel up. These needs are taken care of ahead of time when you opt for helicopter hire. If there are any questions about refueling –or any other concerns – the professionals will provide you with advice and assistance.

Guest blog by Amanda Emerson of Avion Insurance



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